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Pneus Bélisle is present on the market since 1973 as a retailer, and manufacturer of retreaded tires.

Pneus Bélisle, through the strength of its network and its professional and qualified teams, is committed to providing its customers with a complete range of tires, custom services and high quality products.


One of the main directions of Pneus Bélisle is to position itself on the market as an employer of choice. To do this, the development and mobilization of its human capital is at the heart of the organization's actions. In addition, Pneus Bélisle wishes to continue its growth by strengthening the existing and becoming a benchmark in the industry through the strength of its integrated network.

Pneus Bélisle wishes to:

  • Strengthen the sense of belonging to the enterprise;
  • Encourage staff recognition;
  • Encourage teamwork of employees, associates and management;
  • Expand its market share;
  • Be pioneering and maintain its brand image and proven integrity;
  • Foster communication, information flow and maintaining dialogue at all levels;
  • Optimize its IT systems.

Your involvement is important and together we will succeed!

Our Values

Pneus Bélisle values ​​reflect his management style and specify the code of action to take in any circumstance. They guide us, in decision making, in the execution of our daily work and in our various communications.

We hope that all members share, endorses and carry Pneus Bélisle values ​​that distinguish us and contribute to the achievement of our business objectives.

Our five values ​​AIM FOR:

  • Staff development

    To recognize the contribution, effort and commitment. Assess the skills of everyone. To listen and gather feedback. Maintain staff informed guidance and strategic actions of the firm. Demonstrate transparency.

  • Integrity

    Demonstrate moral honesty, transparency and openness.

  • Customer satisfaction

    Customer loyalty. Anticipate needs, listen to customers and respond to requests according to company standards, and fair prices. Demonstrate professionalism, initiative and become a reference in the field.

  • Team spirit

    Support, cordiality and versatility. Connect and collaborate with colleagues, customers and suppliers. Encourage meetings with all staff (employees, management and direction).

  • Respect

    Show respect between employees, colleagues, customers and suppliers. consider and treat others the same way we wish to be treated.


Pneus Bélisle was founded in 1973 in Longueuil, by Gilles Bélisle. Today Pneus Bélisle has more than 175 employees. Pneus Bélisle includes a thirteen branches and one ultramodern Michelin franchised retreading plant.


1973  - Longueuil Opening of the first Pneus Bélisle branch
1988  - SJB Châteauguay
1989  - Trois-Rivières
1992  - Drummondville
1996  - Laval
2000 to 2010  - Jean-Talon
2000  - St-Jérôme
2005  - Mont-Laurier
2006  - Outaouais
2014 - Mascouche
Opening Pneus Bélisle branches
1999  - Québec
2002  - Boucherville
2011  - Châteauguay
2017  - Montréal
Opening of three "Heavy Truck" branches
2000  - St-Jérôme
2008  to 2016 - Québec
Opening of two retreading plants
2000 Creation of the Multi-Choix workers' cooperative and employees investment Funds
2012 New management within Pneus Bélisle - Daniel Bélisle becomes President
2015 Opening of Pneus Bélisle Mascouche  
2016 Expansion of the Saint-Jérôme Retreading plant
2018 Opening of Pneus Bélisle Montréal (heavy duty trucks)
2021 Opening of a service point in Verchères (Pneus Bélisle Boucherville)
Opening of  Pneus Bélisle Coteau-du-Lac

Pneus Bélisle is growing. The company is continually on the look for advantageous business opportunities to achieve its development plan. The group features a portfolio of projects to consolidate its objective to occupy the top spot on the tire market in Quebec.

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