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At Pneus Bélisle, you will find expert service across Quebec with a network of 50 service trucks covering the entire region.

  • Tires: sale, repair (punctures/flats) and installation

    For over 50 years, Pneus Bélisle tire specialists have been the reference for purchasing, repairing and installing your tires. There are trained representatives in each Pneus Bélisle, location to help you choose your tires.

  • Balancing

    Tire balancing simply means “balancing” each tire on your vehicle to eliminate any asymmetries of mass in each wheel-tire combination. This procedure is very important as it allows the tires to rotate in a balanced fashion, without any mass imbalance. At Pneus Bélisle, tires are precision-balanced electronically. Come see your Pneus Bélisle representative if you notice vibrations originating from a wheel or uneven tread wear. Your representative has the required expertise to give you good advice.

  • Installation of studs on tires

    Depending on driving and road conditions (rural, mountains, etc…); it is sometimes preferable to have studs installed on snow tires to increase traction. See your Pneus Bélisle representative for further details on the types of tires that are compatible with studs.

  • Tire storage

    Pneus Bélisle offers a storage service. Your tires will be safely stored in the best conditions. They will be carefully filed and their wear will be inspected. With this option, you won’t have to carry tires, they won’t get your car dirty and you don’t have to find a place to store them. You also get insurance coverage. See your Pneus Bélisle representative for further details and start using this service today

  • New and used steel and aluminum wheels/rims: sale, reconstruction and installation

    Pneus Bélisle specialists have been your reference for tires for over 40 years. Whether you want to purchase, install or even repair wheels, the Pneus Bélisle staff will be happy to share its expertise with you. Each Pneus Bélisle location has trained representatives to help you make the right choice.

  • Wheel painting

    It is possible to have your wheels painted. See your Bélisle commercial dealer today for further details.

  • Wheel lug nut tightening by our certified experts

    Pneus Bélisle roadside assistance employees have all received the required training for wheel lug nut tightening. They have received their accreditation according to Ontarian regulations, the most stringent in the industry.

  • Urethane filling

    Pneus Bélisle - commercial offers a urethane filling service which allows you to maximize performance for specialized use.

  • Pressing for handling tires

    Your Pneus Bélisle dealer offers a pressing service for solid handling tires that require mounting on rims. Pneus Bélisle representatives are always happy to share their expertise and help you.

  • Oil change and lubrication

    Regular oil and filter changes keep your engine clean and allow it to function properly.

    Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer-recommended interval between oil changes. Remember to also change transmission and brake fluids.

  • Preventive maintenance program

    A good way to ensure you keep your vehicle for a long time is to get preventive maintenance done. In doing so, you’re doing your part to ensure it is safe and reliable for years to come. YourPneus Bélisle dealer offers every preventive maintenance program according to your car manufacturer’s specific recommendations.

  • Custom tread design carving

    Pneus Bélisle offers this service for:

    • trucks
    • industrial vehicles
    • civil engineering vehicles
    • handling equipment
    • specialized vehicles

    See your Pneus Bélisle - commercial representative for more details.

  • Tire collection service to our Saint-Jérôme retreading plant

    Pneus Bélisle dealers offer a first-rate tire collection and delivery service for truck and civil engineering vehicle tire retreading.

  • 24-hour roadside assistance on main axial highways for clients with open accounts

    With over 50 vehicles across Quebec, Pneus Bélisle is readily available with its roadside assistance service for commercial vehicles. Contact your Pneus Bélisle representative for further details.

  • Specialized MBS fleet inspection service

    This free service allows fleet managers to evaluate tire mileage using the MBS computer system and thus, facilitate decision-making to reduce costs.

    *Available in certain locations only. We always recommend confirming the list of services offered at your Pneus Bélisle dealer>>.

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