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Frequently Asked Questions About Essential Services

Following the latest measures taken by the Quebec government, the services offered by the Bélisle network will be fully restored as of April 15, 2020. Consult our frequently asked questions to know everything:

  • Are Pneus Belisle locations considered as essential services?

    Yes, since April 15, the branches of our network are considered essential and are now able to offer all our usual services.

    You can consult the section of our services on our website: Services

  • What are my options for making an appointment?

    To make an appointment, you can do so online or by calling directly at your nearest branch. It will now be imperative to make an appointment before going to the garages given the situation.

    For our addresses as well as our telephone numbers to reach us, you can consult everything here: Our Locations

  • If I don't have an appointment, can I still go to one of your garages?

    No, this will unfortunately not be possible. We will not accept customers who arrive unexpectedly. It is imperative to make an appointment beforehand.

  • What are the health measures that are taken by your network and that apply to me directly?

    We respect all government recommendations in order to ensure a safe environment for you and also for our employees. Here is part of the measures we have adopted:

    • Obligation to make an appointment before going to the store.
    • Maximum of one person per family.
    • Maximum number of customers in the waiting room.
    • Presence of plexiglass counters.
    • Distance of 2 meters or more is mandatory.
    • Disinfection of keys and other surfaces.
    • Mandatory hand washing or disinfection when entering and leaving the store.
    • Priority will be given to card payments.
    • No one will be admitted if flu-like symptoms are present.
  • What measures have been taken in relation to the contacts you are going to have with my vehicle?

    Our technicians must wash their hands before and after any work carried out on your vehicle. They are required to wear nitrile gloves. In addition, they will disinfect the surfaces they must touch (ex: steering wheel, gear arm etc.).

  • Can I help ensure a safe working environment?

    Yes, you can. Here are in fact the different practices that we will now ask from our customers:

    • Take out your wheel locks and put them in the front passenger seat.
    • Close the ventilation of your vehicle.
    • Leave a window about 4 inches open.
    • Return the vehicle key to the counter.
  • Is there still access to a waiting room?

    If possible, we will ask you to wait outside. Some of our waiting rooms are closed due to their physical layout since they do not meet the required standards for distance.

  • I shop for summer tires, am I allowed to enter the garage with my spouse to look at our best options?

    No. Although we understand that this can be a joint decision, it will be impossible to be more than one person per couple or per family in our garages for safety reasons. We ask other members to wait patiently outside or in their vehicle.

  • The services my car needs require leaving it for a few hours, can I receive a ride back home?

    No. Given the situation, our escort services are currently suspended. If you have to leave your car for a longer period of time, please arrange a ride back in advance.

  • Do you still offer courtesy vehicles?

    No, this service is temporarily suspended in order to comply with security measures.

  • Will you continue to prioritize customers working in essential services?

    Yes, in order to do our part in the fight against the virus, it is essential for us to serve this type of clientele as a high priority.

  • Are all surfaces frequently disinfected?

    Yes, all surfaces are cleaned after each customer.

  • Are all payment methods accepted?

    We recommend payment by credit or debit cards. Avoid paying cash as possible.

  • Do the opening hours remains the same?

    Yes, you can check our opening hours here: Locations

  • I have non-slip (studded) tires on my vehicle, what is the (new) deadline for removing them?

    June 5th, 2020.

  • How long will these health measures last?

    These measures will be applied as long as government directives do not say otherwise.

  • I have a cough that has nothing to do with the Covid-19, can I still come and have my tires changed?

    No, unfortunately, we will respectfully ask you not to come to the store. With the virus persisting, we are asking anyone who experiences flu-like symptoms to stay comfortably at home so as not to risk the safety of other customers or our employees.

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